Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Knocking on God's door -Oswald Chambers

"...knock, and it will be opened to you" [Luke 11:9]
"Draw near to God..." [James 4:8]

Knock ---> the door is closed, and your heartbeat races as you knock.

"Cleanse your hands..." [4:8]

Knock a bit louder ---> you begin to find that you are dirty.

"...purify your hearts..." [4:8]

It is becoming even more personal ---> you are desperate and serious now ---> you will do anything

"Lament...." [4:9]

Have you ever lamented, expressing your sorrow before God for the condition of your inner life? There is no thread of self-pity left, only the heart-rending difficulty and amazement which comes from seeing what kind of person you really are.

"Humble yourselves..." [4:10]

It is a humbling experience to knock at God's door ---> you have to knock with the crucified thief

"....to him who knocks it will be opened" [Luke 11:10]

Monday, May 7, 2007

letters and sweet fragrance

was doing my morning quiet time when i came across this passage which really struck me. [lolx.. to wait till the next snippets of life to share it is too long, so yea here it is]

2 Corinthians 3:1-3
-are we beginning to commend ourselves again? Or do we need, like some people, letters of recommendation to you or from you? You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everybody. You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.

our lives are to be like letters from God whereby everyone can read and understand. God's life is to be inscripted in our very lives so that His very life and His very nature can be imparted to everyone through us, His ultimate instruments.

Is our lives like letters today; letters which are easy to read and understand? or is it so complicated that no one can seem to comprehend?
Is God having alot of difficulty portraying His Life through us? if so, how can He ever use us?

He can only use us until and unless our lives is one with His, when our lives no longer contradicts His nature but in order to live our lives like that in such a total alignment with His, we have to so surrender our lives to God, to allow Him to come and do as He please.

whatever that is preventing us from coming closer to Him, He will tear down, smite it and destroy it, no matter how precious it is to us and how it will crush us when it is gone. whatever that is building our relationship with Him, He will keep it, perserve it and mantain it no matter how much it pains us and even if we hate it.

but this process takes a serious long time. it might take an entire lifetime for God to achieve somthing so great in our lives. so are we willing to let go and let God have His way or are we gonna just keep struggling with Him? the more we struggle, argue and fight God, the longer it's gonna take.

now you know why God takes a serious long time to change a man's heart? why He had to allow His very chosen people to walked in the wilderness for 40 years? it took God 40 years to change the hearts of His people, to soften their hearts but even so, ONLY TWO out of so many were totally transformed [Caleb and Joshua].

if we actually move back a little to 2 Corinthians 2:14-16, we find that it is talking about the same thing but only in a different manner.

2 Corinthians 2:14-16
...and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him. For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing. To the one we are the smell of death; to the other, the fragrance of life.

we very well know that we can't run away from smell. there's always a process called diffusion when smell is involved. we can't run away from the smell from perfume or from a rotten egg. everyone will know if someone is using perfume. smell can be easily distinguished.

so now i ask again, is our lives like sweet aroma to God? or do our lives stinks? can everyone smell the sweet fragrance of Christ in us? or do they run away from us everytime we get near beacuse there is absolutely no aroma of Christ in us, only a really horrible rotten smell?

how are we representing Christ our ever living God today? how are we reflecting His image and nature? are people reading and smelling Christ in us? are they coming into a knowledge of Christ through us?

here is the test to see whether we are representing God accurately....

know that good and bad can never go together. holy and unholy cannot be mixed. so everytime after we mingle with people, are they convicted of their sins even when no one mention it to them? do people feel uncomfortable being with us because everytime when they are near us, they can't hide, they are stripped down to bare nakedness, all their sins are exposed without us even realising it? we don't have to point out their sins, just by being there and mixing with them, they feel exposed, they can never remain the same after talking to us.

something had happened in their Spirit.

when is the last time someone feels uneasy around you and never wants to be near you? Is our God living in us that real to a point where people around us who are living in sin feels uncomfortable everytime we get near or talk to them about random stuff because the Life of God in us is constantly exposing all of their sins?

or is our God who dwells in us so dead and powerless that even the worst of people who talks to us don't feel His utmost awemose power convicting them of sin?

Our Lord Jesus Christ caused many people to repent and be convicted of their sinful nature just by being with people because of the Life of the Father that is in Him. Jesus constantly portrays the very nature of God with utmost accuracy every moment of His life.

it's never easy living like that. it takes a long process to achieve this state but are we willing? are we ready to go through all that God has installed for us just so that His Life can be shown on our faces?

We have to let go of EVERY SINGLE thing and yeild 100% to Him not 99%. We need to come back to that correct alignment with His and make our lives right before Him. We can't do this on our own but God can bring us to that level with His strength and grace and mercy. He can work miracles in our lives. He can make our paths straight again only and only if we are willing and desperate enough...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

true salvation

we as Christian are indeed saved but are we really saved? to what extend are we saved? are we just saved on the outward? do we calim salvation only in our minds and not our haerts? on what basis are we saved?

are we saved so that we can enjoy the ultimate blessings and richness of Jesus Christ? or are we saved so that we will no longer suffer and be in difficulty?

when we are really saved not just skin-deep but deep from within, we will begin to find rest in the midst of all the pain and suffering, find peace in the midst of all the choas and heartaches, find joy in the midst of all the pain and sorrows.

we no longer complain about our sufferings and obstacles but praise God for allowing us to go through all these things that we may find ultimate satisfaction in Chirst alone. because our eyes has seen the end from the beginning, our eyes have seen what lies at the end of the journey that is our Lord waiting at the end of it all, at the end of all our problems and our tears, our heartaches and struggles. our eyes are no longer focused on the these around us.

we do still go through all these things but our perspective on them changed. we begin to look at all these through the eyes of God and not of man. all things worked for good for those who love Him [Romans 8:28]

if we think that the only reason why we are saved is so that we can enjoy all of God's blessings and separate ourselves from all these suffering and pain, then our salvation is nothing but cheap. God sent his only Son to die on the cross for us is far beyond the enjoyment of the richness and blessings of God. yes, that is part of it but that's not the main reason for salvation to exist.

salvation is given to us man who are nothing but mere dust is so that we can be made one with Christ, so that God Himself can begin to impart all that He is into ur lives resulting in us having His image. who are we? what is it in us that cause God to send His Son to die on the cross for us? for a people who are nothing, who can't even survive without Christ, who would never had existed if it weren't for God to breathe life into us.

to obtained that true slavation, we have to first lay down all that we are and have, to be stripped down to nothing. in order words, we have to die. not literally but die in our earthly-ness, die in our bad habits, die in our pride, die in our ego, die in our intellegence, die in all that we are capable of. meaning, we have to come to a point where we surrender all to Him to tell Him that even my intelligence will not bring true salvation to my life. nothing can give me that salvation except God Himself.

and once we have died, we will surely have life because God will give us life just like after Jesus' death, He had life and rose again. now the thing is, there are many who had died but why is it that after so long their life is never visible? now think about this...

which death did you die??

if our death is the natural death, surely it will remain dead forever. it will never have life no matter what we do to it. BUT our death is spiritual, then sure God will grant us that life. for ONLY GOD can give life to what is dead. we can do all we can to make it looked like it has life by decorating it with lively ornaments but the fact is, it is still dead. only God can raise the dead and give them life.

everytime when our walk with God becomes stagnant, it shows clearly that we are dead. everything that are dead are stagnant, there is no movement, no moving forward. so doesn't mean that we are not backsliding means we are ok because we may not be backsliding but if we are neither moving forward, in other words, we remain where we are, we are as good as dead Christians.

we can't fake life not matter how creative we are. so die the spiritual way and we shall have eternal life. let's not make salvation cheap.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

this is it

she's lonely.
he's lonely.
you're lonely.
everyone's lonely.
i feel lonely when everyone's lonely.

why this loneliness??
till now.. i still have not known of the answer i so desperately wanna know. why is this walk such a ever lonely one. though i know deep down that He is there. you are there. he is there. she is there. everyone is there. but it's lonely deep within.

it's not just any loneliness but a loneliness which no one can seem to explain or express in the best words they can.

it is this loneliness that is causing many to give up. to break down. to suffocate. to lust for breathing space. to just want to turn around and tread the other path.

it's all about You, Jesus.
and all this for You
it's for Your Glory and Your grace

i want to know the answer. i want a solution to my unanswered questions.

it's not about me.
as if You should do things my way.
You alone are God and i surrender.

maybe i am not to know of the answer. maybe i am to just believe and put my trust in You. maybe i am to just keep on walking this road no matter how lonely it may seem with my eyes focus on You.

but Lord, what if its strikes again without warning. i am not prepared for it. it's a horrible state to be in.

to cry and yet not know why i am crying.
to feel so alone and yet not know why i feel that way.
to feel so engulfed by something which i can't explain.
to feel so wanting to just run to a corner and cry my heart out but knowing that i have no where to run to.
to just want Your comfort and peace to just settle in but it feels so much emptier each passing minute.
to know that i have love ones to back me up but feel so isolated even though they are by my side.
to know that You are always there with me yet loneliness settled in so easily, so real and so deep.

i don't understand. i don't understand any of this Lord.

loneliness is such a wicked thing. it comes and go when it likes. it affects me when it likes and how it likes. it destroys my happiness for that short moment and leave me scared and lost not knowing what just happened and why it happened.

but then this walk is ever a lonely one, isn't it?
this loneliness so wicked in its own way yet if seen from the eyes of God, so amazing and special.

i don't know but i just know that this loneliness is not like any other. this loneliness is essential.

this loneliness doesn't just destroy. it builts in secret.
this loneliness doesn't just empty. it fills in secret.
this loneliness doesn't just bring tears. it birth joy in secret.
this loneliness doesn't just isolate. it gathers in secret.
this loneliness doesn't just consume. it renews in secret.

in secret, something new is created. in secret, a miracle happen. but only in secret. until the final day, the result is evident and can be seen with the naked eye.

joy, unity, newness, satisfaction and all that is done in secret hangs all over the faces of those who had been through this loneliness. these can never be hidden for they are written all over their faces and their lives.

amen to that. i finally have the answer.

oh God, You are just amazing. Your timing is ever perfect.

i am so amazed. just as i was typing this post. my mind was all about God, why this loneliness? why? i don't understand it. i wanna know so desperately. why must this loneliness strike?

and when i reached to the paragraph where i wrote
but then this walk is ever a lonely one, isn't it?
this loneliness so wicked in its own way...

something just prompted me to add
..yet if seen from the eyes of God, so amazing and special.

right after i wrote that i thought allie, are you insane? are you sure you know what you are typing? how can this loneliness which u despise so much be any special and amazing? you better change that sentence

then all the words just come to me like i had them all these while in my head.

oh God, You never fail to amaze me. i'm ever grateful and thankful for all that You have done. Your timing is perfect. all these while when i was going through that loneliness and when i pleaded with You, begged and lamented at Your feet, You never once reveal the truth to me even a tiny bit.

back then i had thought that these things need no answer. it's just about obedience and faith. i had made up my mind about this then that it's a question that required no solution. but just a few minutes ago, You revealed the truth. You removed the scales from my eyes and now i see and i understand. Thank You, Lord. Thank You!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

needs over desires

you know, everytime when we pray to God, there is a difference between what we want and what we need.

usually, we are always asking for what we want but God will not give us what we want until what we need has been fulfilled. God will restrained Himself from giving us what we want until and unless what we need is fulfilled in the eyes of God.

what we want may be good health, good grades, pray powerfully, speak words of wisdom, to accepted in the eyes of man and God, material things, so on and so forth.

what we need is that oneness with Christ, that intimate inward reality with God, to have our lives be made in that right alignment with His.

what we need may be right and good in both spiritual and natural sense but what we need is ultimately essential if we are to walk this path with Christ our Lord. we can live without having what we want fulfilled but without having what we need met by God, then our live here on earth is meaningless and our spiritual walk with Christ is as good as dead.

let God meet that need first than only those desires.

but the truth is, once what we need had been met by God, what we want is no longer in existance. this is because once we have that ultimate intimate relationship with God, all that we want is drown by that oneness with Christ.

so the Bible verse:
Matthew 7:7-8
'ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knocked and the door will be opened to you. for everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened'

is more about asking, seeking and knocking on the door of heaven for what we need not so much of what we desire or want.

so let God grant us what we need first, then only what we want. bear in mind that when i say what we want, meaning that that is acceptable in the eyes of God. so don't ask God for something stupid like ' i want to be a millionare or i want my mom to accept my boyfriend as he is and not look at his bad character'

then again, like i mentioned earlier, once what we need is fulfilled, our appetite for what we want or desire in the past begins to take a change in course. we begin to thirst for different things. most of the time, we find ourselves no longer hungry for what we used to hunger after before our need was fulfilled by God.

so yea, pray that God meet that need first!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

too much make-up

i recently realized something really interesting. whenever two or more person argues, everyone of them will tell you a different story be it between siblings or friends. one person will tell you his or her side of the story which is indeed true but he or she will always twist the words and put it in a way that whatever that he or she did though it's clearly wrong but because of the way he or she presents it, it doesn't seem that bad after all. then he or she will once again twist and turn the words of what the other party said or did till it seemed like the other party is in greater wrong. and when you go to the other party to listen to his or her side of the story, it's vice versa.

in the end, you will end up with only one conclusion: neither one is right nor wrong.

that's just how human we are isn't it?? though we declare our weakness but we will go the extra mile just to make the wrong of the other party seemed very much worse than ours. so what we did or said ain't that bad right? because he or she did or said worse.

such liars we are. not only to people but to God too.

many times, we tend to twist and turn our prayers as well as worship to make it sound as if we are so deeply in love with God, so one with Him, that He is all we want and we surrender all to Him but then deep down we know that all we said are exaggerated. we add a little spice to our words. we on't really live what we say. whenever we are in church, we would dress-up and applied a whole lot of make up to cover up our flaws and weaknesses.

the worst that can happen to a Christian is not losing his or her life but is that he or she is unconsciouly living in a lie. he or she thought that he or she is living right but had no clue that all this while he or she is just playing with make-up.

lets' pray that this is never ever happen to any one of us or any Christian for that matter. pray that God will mercifully reveal it to us, if we had been living in a lie all these years of our Christian life be it throught the Holy Spirit or through someone else.

the ultimate test to see whether we are living in a lie is to go through the Holy Fire. until and unless God stripped us down to nothing, we will never been able to see our true self, we will never know whether we are using make-up. sometimes, our make-up is so thick that we don't even know the real us anymore. we are always covered in make-up that we can't remember how we looked like withour our make-up. when that happens, we are sure to be living in a lie.

so let's be real with each other yea and most importantly to God.

thanks lotz to those who had seen through my make-up and smacked me with the truth. appreciate it though it hurts.

God Bless!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

do it!


then it hit me!!
today got prayer meeting!! and it's starting in 13 minutes!!

thank goodness i'm living opposite only..

caleb, liz and jason shared a little about what they learnt at campus camp.

totally agree with what caleb and liz shared. caleb said mentioned this progression:


and he said that the word practice caught his attention. he said that many a times, we need to go beyond our prayers. we need to practice God's heart out.

i totally agree with that. many times, we thought that all we have to do is pray and God will move His hands which is true but we miss the point that there are times when God wants us to do it. be human and act like one! if our Christian life on earthh is about prayer and nothing else then Jesus might as well stay in heaven and pray salvation into our lives than to come all the way down to earth tp die on the cross for us.

but obviously before we do, we have to first live! we must be human and behave like one. for example, if a brother or sister is sick, yes we can pray for her or him but if we are able to send him or her to the clinic or hospital, isn't that better? it's indeed easier to just say 'i'll pray for you' rather than actually doing the work itself. like what liz said, actions speak louder than words. we always push the dirty work away.

we don't know that God finds pleasure in the little work that we do. we don't have to go all the way to Africa to do mission work for God, we can please God even by helping our siblings in their spiritual walk with God. even doing simple deeds like washing the plates or picking up rubbish though mundane to us but to God it's something which brings joy to His Heart when He sees us giving our all in doing those simple deeds. though it may seem unsignificant in the eyes of man, a job that is low and dirty that receives no praise, but to God, that particular job is significant. everything that we do no matter how unsignificant or low it is, as long as we do it with all our heart and with great joy, it pleases God.

God sees the little things that we do. when we are alone and behind close doors, God seeth every little thing that we do though man may not even take a second look at what we are labouring. so though we may not hold important positions in whatsoever church or cell groups, we do our part, we be human and do whatever we can as a normal human being and contribute however little it may be, we help in whatever area that we can, then surely God will not push us aside and label us as unimportant and not usable for His Kingdom.

we don't have to tread on mission fields to be used by God. we don't even have to stand behind the pulpit to deliver a powerful message to be used by God. God works in ways that we cannot understand. He uses people in ways that seems contrasting to what our logic comprehend. God can indeed use people through little mundane ways in our everyday life.

so why keep asking God when He will use you?

you 'll never knnow that maybe right now even as you go through your daily life, God is already using you in your studies, when your are with your friends, when you take the thrash out, when you wash the dishes or when your clean the toilet. we will never know how or when God will use us. we will never know how God will use us to bless others. we just have to have faith in Him. but when we do, it will please God alot.

so let's not focus so much on wanting God to use us in big ways but even in small ways, let's do them to the extreme. yes, in every little way we can, we do our best and give it all to God because in the end it's up to God on how He wants to use us. who are we to decide how we want to be used?

can a servant decide how he should be treated by his master? can a creation decide how it is to be formed??

let's just trust God that no matter how mundane or unsignificant the things that we ought to do are, we know that God is behind them all and if He wants us to do this that we shall obey. right? if He desires us to do this then we shall do this, if He wants us to do that then we will do that. for God is the player and we are the instruments right? yeS!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

paradox in life

Ephesians 6:1-3
Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. "Honour your father and mother" - which is the first commandment with a promise -" that is may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.

Luke 14:25-27
Large crowds were traveling with Jesus, and turning to them he said: " if anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters - yes, even his own life - he cannot be my disciple. and anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.

these two passages really contradicts each other now, don't you think? is God out of His mind then? has He gone insane? is He trying to make things difficult for us? why is He confusing us?

in Ephesians, God commanded us that we love and honour our parents so that we may have long lives but in Luke, God says that if we do not hate our parents, siblings and children even ourselves, we cannot be His disciple.

so should we love our parents anot??

no one can truly understand the way God works and He is a simple yet complicated God. He loves yet He hates. He forgives yet He sends His wrath.

you see? it's really confusing if we were to just read it as it is. that's why it takes the Holy Spirit to come and bring us understanding whenever we read teh Bible. we have to learn to read beyond the words printed on the pages. we have to go beyond and meditate on His Word in order to truly understand His mind. God is just so big and has no end. how can our human mind with such limited capacity ever understand the full character of God. it's just impossible!

that's why we need to ask the Spirit of God to reveal heavenly secrets to us. to expose the true nature of God because if we don't, we are going to find ourselves in much confusion and we will then begin to lose faith in God. for instance, we all know that God is love and He forgives. why then did He not forgive the people in Sodom and Gemorrah? did He not love the people there?? why did God send flood to wipe out the nations during the time of Noah?

you know, even i cannot explain to you why God is such and does things that contradicts each other at times. only by the Spirit of God will we begin to understand. like teh two verses i mentione earlier, so now tell me seriously, which shall we choose?? to love our parents or not??

i have no answer for you. yes, indeed we have to love our parents but.. i don't know how to complete this sentence. i don;t know how to tell you what they really mean but deep down in my spirit i know. so you see, God is full of paradox. God is not a crazy God. He knows what He is saying and remembers what He said. so don't think otherwise about Him.

seek God and wait upon Him and He will mercifully and gracefully give you understanding as well as clarity in what you believe in. read beyond the words for beyond the words there is life hidden between the lines.


smacked in the face

'God can speak to you, yes, and I too believe that God can work miracles in your life,..

..but sharing with friends is not meaning you're DEPENDING on them, but it is a form of reassurance to people whom you share it with, that what they are going through is what you've been through.

We want to be there for you, so why then do you draw back from wanting to let us be there for you? You think you're the only one who has lived in silence all these years? Think twice. You think you've been the only one who has always cried alone in the solitude of your room? '

those words really smacked me in the face real hard. even now, it still hurts when i thought back about what joash said. it started from a harmless emo post then into a promise which i didn't keep then now mess.

misrepresentation of God

that phrase kept popping up in my head. the 1st and 3rd paragraphs seem to contardicts one another about me and that really slapped me hard. how can anyone be so in love with God but yet reject the love that people around her tries to give her? the truth is, it's not like that really but due to how i portrayed it, i made them seemed like i'm out of my mind. i made it seemed like due to so much of hurt and failures, i rather put my trust in God than in man which is what we should do in reality but it's the way i showed it that is wrong. my intentions were right but my spirit was wrong.

what was i thinking? you know, i can say how i just wanna trust God and no one else and all that but then i'm always whining and complaining be it to people or in my blog. if i proclaimed that i trust in Him and had given it all to Him, why then am i still making so much fuss and not wanting people to aid me in my times of need and all that crap? what was i doing? what was i seeking?? self-pity? to make others see me all high and mighty? that i don't need their help and their concern?? that i can live by my own??

yes. that was it because if i had really given up all to God, then i would find inner joy and not cmplain about it. it hurts when those words were uttered and it hurts even more God revealed my true intentions behind all my words. i hate it. what a fool i was, really. what i said is downright true but my spirit was totally wrong and it took a friend to expose that to me. it was a total misrepresentation of Him. i loathe it when i know that i had misrepresentated God.

i may not be doing sinful things or dressing in a way that contradicts God's Holy nature but because i had intentions of my own behind all i said, that was just as good as someone saying he's a Christian and swears like he breathes. it all ends with the same conclusion that is misreprentation of God.

i had painted an image of God which is not really God. i made others believed that i trust in God so much to a point that i only hope in Him and no one else. if so, why then do i still whine and complain? am i then sending a message that God is not good enough for me? that even He can't solve my problems till i have to expressed them out? but at the same time i refuse to let others come close to help me because i was just plain stubborn to believe that sometimes God do send people to help me. so what? i am going through the hard times alone with no one beside me? i had rejected people and i had indirectly rejected God.

so shallow is my faith in Him. to make others belive that i'm so one with God when i'm truly not is the worst misrepresentation ever. the worst lie i could ever lived in. i don't want to misreprent God. i'm so sorry Lord, sorry for misrepresenting You.

now i don't mean that i still don't trust people. i still wanna put all my trust in God. umm.. it's complicated. God is full of paradox. it's hard to explain.

i guess what i'm trying to point out here is that i will put all my trust in God and know that deep down only He knows all of me but i won't push people away if they wanna help. if fact i never did pushed anyone away. i guess my words just misled many people in thinking that i can handle them on my own without their help. i don't push people who are trying to help. sorry joash. maybe i didn't put my words right and wasn't really thinking straight. sorry if i made it sound as if i pushed you away when you tried to help.

yea, umm this is a very confusing post i think. whatever i said is contradicting each other. i guess it's because God is full of paradox and it takes the Holy Spirit to reveal the turth behind all this confusion. it's difficult to explain.

sorry, maybe i'll try to explain in my next post.

then again this is my confession.

Friday, March 9, 2007

will you walk away?

John 6:67 - Do you also want to go away?

John 6:66 - From that time many of His disciples went back and walked with Him no more

Oswald Chambers says that they [His disciples] turned back from walking with Jesus; not into sin, but away from Him. many people are pouring their lives out and working for Jesus Chris, but are not really walking with Him. one thing God constantly requires of us is a oneness with Jesus Christ. After being set apart through sanctification, we should discipline our lives spiritually to maintain this intimate oneness. when God gives you a clear determination of His will for you, all your striving to maintain that relationship by some particular method is completely unnecessary. all that is required is to live a natural of absoulte dependence on Jesus Christ. never try to live your life in any other way than His way. and His way means absolute devotion to Him. showing no concern for the uncertainties that lies ahead is the secret walking with Jesus. Peter saw in Jesus only someone who could minister salvation to him and to the world. but our Lord wants us to be fellow laborers with Him.

you know, the one question we should ask ourselves is ' why did Jesus even asked that question?'

why do you think Jesus had to post this question to His people? 'do you also want to go away?'

it's because He knew from the start that man are gonna pull out one day. though we may stand up and say that we desire to walk with Jesus, one day we might even walk away not into sin but away from Him. He knows that we can't take it. sooner or later we will be exhausted and we would turn around a walk away.

yes, we may be remain as Christian and had not deny Christ but we are no longer walking with Him. to walk with Christ is to have that oneness with God. we need to have an intimate relationship with God.

what does oneness with Christ mean??

oneness means there can never be two. there's only one. so if we were to be one with God, there can only be one will and one heart desire and one mind. there cannot be two. so either God's will and heart desires had to be laid down or ours.

but how can God in any way lay down His will and heart desires?? this is God we are talking about. our heavenly Father and King and the one who created us and the world. how can a servant ask his master to lay down something??

so obviously it is OUR will and heart desires that has to go. but so many times though we said that we want this oneness with Christ but secretly deep down we still want our way and will. we refuse to submit completely to Him. as a result, we had never a oneness with Christ. we had never been able to live beyond our words.

like i mentioned before, this journey is a long one. how long can you last?? do you have the capabilities to perserve in this long walk? will you be faithful to Him and be one with Him all the way?? or will we too walk away from Him?

learn to draw strength from Him. Christ is the ONLY source that will keep us on the same path with Him. let's be one with Him for eternity. when we are one with Christ, all that is in Him will be in us. all that He desires will be our heart desires. there is a connection between us and Him. there is a flow of source from Him up above to us here down on earth. so if we are not one with Him, it clearly means that the source flow is cut off. the line is disconnected. so how is God suppose to pour all that He is into our life when the line is not longer connecting us with God?

that is why there are so many of us who are dry and thirsty today. God is not able to pour down His spirit and all that He is into our lives due to the broken source flow. hence, we will draw from other sources that is not of God. the earthly sources will only leave us dry and thirsty.

that is why we are failing in our spiritual life today. our river of living water has dried up.

when we are not one with Christ, how are we suppose to know His heart? how can we see what He sees and hear what he hears?? how are we suppose to hate what God hates and love what he loves?? how can we be sensitve to His heart? we would only be in utter confusion.

would it be better to give up all that we desire despite the shame, pain and rejection in order to obtain all that He desire us to have and walk in the light as He is in the light than to keep what we crave for and stumble in darkness for eternity??

think about it!